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I am passionate about politics and I think it is so important that people know what is going on in the world around them. On this blog, I seek to inform/educate you (the reader) about the latest in international politics, elections and voting. I make an effort to make each post accessible. I also use plenty of data and constantly look for the best ways of presenting it. Facts are important and you should be able to understand the evidence and context. I always welcome comments and will attempt to answer any questions.


This section displays all the information that can be found in my CV. In addition, you can also download a PDF version and go to my LinkedIn profile.


Whilst the blog and CV are the only two things on this site which are publicly viewable at the moment, I am working on other projects. One includes a publication about the history of cinema in Hull. For major announcements about this and other projects, go to the Facebook page. For more regular updates and the chance to discuss what I'm doing, go to the Google+ community.

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